Decaff - Café Rico - 50/50 - Yauco Selecto - Espresso

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The first product of our line is the "Rico Decaff", a decaffeinated coffee ready to strain, is processed by the Sparkling Water method. By tasting it you will notice that we extracted only the caffeine and not the flavor. The Cafe Rico laboratory experts traveled the world looking for the purest and best methods to extract the caffeine and not the flavor. They found the sparkling method. They send the coffee to Italy and it comes back ready to roast and grind in our Ponce facilities. Now you can strain it at home, and enjoy its genuine taste.

Cafe Rico
Decaff - Café Rico - 50/50 - Yauco Selecto - Espresso

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The father of our product line is an integral part of the puertorrican society. It's permanent public preference is owed to its better grains, perfect roast and a very careful elaboration. Its darker roast is preffered on the island. Enjoy it!

Café Rico 50/50
Decaff - Café Rico - 50/50 - Yauco Selecto - Espresso

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We have created a combination of 50% regular grains and 50% decaffeinated grains to produce a very unique taste that will provide you a very different experience. Like Rico Decaff, Rico 50/50, all of the used coffee is 100% premium Arabica from Puerto Rico. This coffee is decaffeinated using the sparkling water method. By combining the taste and aroma of regular coffee with the benefits of decaffeinated coffee, it will provide you with the opportunity of experiencing a new way of enjoying coffee. We call our Rico 50/50 our light selection.

Decaff - Café Rico - 50/50 - Yauco Selecto - Espresso

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The true coffee lover always include a good cup of espresso. That's why Rico Espresso has been manufacture using a grain selection we call "Selcción 101". After numerous tests on taste, aroma and consistency, our lab experts created "Selección 101". This selection is known for its even toast, great aroma and unique body that a good espresso cup should have. 

Yauco Selecto
Decaff - Café Rico - 50/50 - Yauco Selecto - Espresso
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Yauco Selecto offers a particular personality with a unique taste. We believe that the best coffee in the world is the one that each customer prefers. For some people, the high acidity of the Central American coffees is it. For others, an Indonesian coffee is preferred. In a subjective world, there is not a best coffee in the world, but certainly there are unique coffees that offer something different. Such, we believe, is the case of Yauco Selecto. We strive to offer you what can be best described as:

A well-balanced cup, with a creamy, almost buttery taste, with an arresting aftertaste and a hint of chocolate undertones.

To many people, Yauco Selecto represents the best the Caribbean has to offer.


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